Choosing The Best Online Transcript Maker – Understanding The Process!

If you’re planning to apply to colleges soon but haven’t yet gotten your final transcript, no need to be worried! You can still submit an unofficial transcript via a trusted online transcript maker while applying to your favorite colleges.

A copy of your official high school transcript that has been stamped or signed by your guidance counselor or administrator is known as an unofficial transcript. This document can be useful if you are applying to colleges or universities. Besides, It proves that you finished the necessary high school courses.

In this article, we go through all you need to know about obtaining your unofficial transcript from an online transcript maker. Still, before moving any further, let’s first take a sneak peek into the concept around transcripts.

If we have to define transcripts in layman’s terms, it is proof of your education. Moreover, it includes a thorough listing of all the subjects you’ve taken, together with your grades or marks awarded by the educational institution.

  • What Distinguishes a Transcript From a Diploma or a Degree?

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A transcript is different from a diploma or a degree, even if all of the documents—degree, diploma, certificate, and mark sheet—are indications that an educational qualification has been attained.

Depending on the type of program you chose to study, the ultimate certificate you obtain after completing your education is referred to as a Certificate, Diploma, or Degree. On the other side, a transcript, sometimes known as a transcript of records, is a mark sheet that includes a student’s whole academic record.

It means a document with a list of all the courses and subjects studied, the grades received for each column, the student’s honors and accomplishments, and the degrees awarded to them for their complete academic program. That said, the amount of data that can be included in a transcript is limitless.

In the following parts of this article, we will now learn about the process of obtaining a transcript from an online transcript maker. Still, before taking a step forward in this process, let’s first analyze the method of obtaining a transcript from your high school.

  • Requesting an Unofficial Transcript

The majority of high schoolers who intend to apply to colleges have already asked for their final transcripts. Still, the rules of their high school may make this difficult for kids who don’t yet have access to an official transcript. If this applies to you, please take these simple instructions to get an unofficial transcript, which will work for the majority of universities until your official copy arrives:

  • Get in touch with the registrar of your school.

You can typically locate the registrar’s contact information on your high school’s website. Moreover, you can get in touch with them via phone or email to request the most recent transcript.

  • Make sure you complete all necessary forms

The registrar typically needs to know your high school graduation date, contact information, and the address where you want your transcript mailed. Make sure the form is accurate and completely filled out. To view complete transcript information, you’ll probably need to give your email address or create a student portal account.

  • Make sure the fee is paid (if necessary)

Transcripts could have a minor fee, depending on your respective high school. Before requesting one, be sure to inquire about this. If there is a fee, you can typically pay by cheque or credit card.

As soon as you obtain your unofficial transcript, you can start applying to universities! Check with the school to see if an official transcript is necessary—some could have such a policy.

  • How to Use Your Unofficial Transcript?

Being a student, you must know that the following situations call for the use of unofficial transcripts from an online transcript maker:

  • Ensure that your unofficial transcript is included with your college application.

Some colleges and universities require an official transcript as part of the admissions procedure. Please get your final transcript so that you can finish the admissions process because most schools and institutions won’t accept unofficial transcripts.

  • Send it to the prospective colleges

Even if you are unsure if a school requires one, it is usually a good idea to send one. If you apply, your chances of acceptance can even increase.

  • Mention your unofficial transcript on your resume

When submitting a job or internship application, don’t forget to include your unofficial transcript. Your high school diploma and the necessary credentials will be shown to prospective employers.

  • How to Choose the Best Online Transcript Maker?

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You must select a respectable and reliable organization to create your unofficial transcript. By going through the following sections, you can locate a genuine online transcript maker with swift and more authentic services.

  • Check about their authenticity

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to check the authenticity of the transcript maker. You can do that while checking their online ratings and reviews posted by previous clients and customers. Most of the vendors claim to be the best online transcript maker.

Still, not each of them can live up to your expectations in the same regard. So, it’s always a good idea to do your own research and analysis before reaching a final decision.

  • Ensure the quality of the transcript

When purchasing a transcript from an online transcript maker, the paper and printing quality should come first. A high-quality transcript should have a polished, smooth gloss and feel thick and sturdy. Prints that appear hazy or indistinct up close may be the result of shoddy paper construction or cheap photocopies created in Photoshop.

  • Print that is easy to read and clear

Last but not least, confirm that the color and print of your transcript is accurate. If it is too yellowed, faded, or otherwise not quite correct, do not purchase it. The work of an online transcript maker can be counterfeit and of low quality, if it offers samples with a watermark from another business.

  • Check for sample

Viewing a sample of the transcript before placing an order will allow you to assess its quality. If you need a sample, just ask the support staff, or you can download one from the website. You can have confidence that the transcripts will print beautifully on premium paper and that the layout will match their website and other examples they have created by viewing a sample of the layout in advance.

Additionally, your transcript should look identical to your original in terms of language, seal, and layout. That’s in case anyone who has seen your original diploma previously won’t be able to identify the difference!

For this, you can also visit us at and explore our services of online transcripts. Keeping all the above pointers in check, we have been making our customers satisfied for a long time with our authentic looking transcripts. 

  • Final Words

But obviously, do conduct your own research and investigation before connecting with an online transcript maker. This is a reliable sign of the seller’s assistance and customer service. Moreover, it is critical to research the seller’s business history to ascertain how long or how recently they have been in business.

A business that has been in operation for a longer time is more likely to offer trustworthy services. Hence, you should explore social media platforms like Facebook and Google Reviews in addition to review websites!