Fake Transcripts: How They’re Made and Their Features Explained

A set of college fake transcripts on border security paper with a complete breakdown of degree and major courses and gradesWhat are fake transcripts? The customer provides all the information typed into the report layout for fake transcripts. Each layout includes the student’s name, school name, courses, grades, school seal, date of graduation, and various other details depending on the type of transcript. Printing companies like (diplomaprints.com) print most transcripts on official security paper with embedded anti-copy features. On the back side, layouts typically include a security key breaking down the printed information from the front. In recent years, printing companies have added security holograms for additional security measures. Additionally, layouts often feature an embossed registrar seal pressed into the paper. This link here has GED transcripts, High school transcripts and college transcripts that you can check out today: Fake Transcripts, authentic looking novelty replacements. Buy now!