FAQ Guide

Quick Answers to Common Questions

Tell me about your satisfaction guarantee

We back everything we do with a 90-day money-back guarantee. If the services are not what you want, you can request a refund. It is important to understand that all items are limited to our restrictions, policies, etc. This is the strongest warranty of any site like ours, as nobody else is this upfront about their return policy.

Tell me more about this guarantee.

Why should I pick your site?

The biggest thing is the size of our operation. We aren’t just one person answering chats, making all the orders, shipping them out, etc. We are a professional print shop surrounded by dedicated individuals working hard for you. Diploma Prints is a team of designers with 15+ years of experience, friendly support agents, and more. We believe in what we do so much that we back all of it with an unmatched guarantee. Just try us and we promise you, you will not be disappointed.

Proper Uses for Services

Our services are sold for the following purposes.

  • To help former alumni replace a lost or damaged diploma
  • To help restore an irreplaceable document
  • wow friends and family
  • As a special gift
  • As a novelty prop for films or productions
  • If your is school closed or shut down and your options are limited
  • The school is delayed and you want a personal backup copy.
How can I order services

  1. Place an order on our site selecting the type of document you want.
  2. Fill in details such as names and dates
  3. Add the item to your shopping cart and checkout.
  4. The item is 100% custom made, packaged and shipped to you.
How quickly are orders made?

Depending on the type of document you want made and how you want it made, we work pretty fast.

  • Digital copies are sent the same day if orders are placed before 1PM Eastern Monday thru Friday.
  • Physical Copies can mail out the same day if finalized before 2PM Eastern.
  • Delays may include weekends, holidays or acts of nature.
  • Either way, we hate to keep people waiting and move really quickly.
Can I cancel an order?

We don’t charge a fee currently to cancel an order. Most sites charge around a 20% or a $30 fee.

Nobody has responded

If nobody has responded to you since placing an order, that is seriously not good. Maybe we have a bad email or phone number for you. That is not like us at all. Please reach out to us asap by calling (804) 601-5629. Also, visit our support page.