100% Risk-Free Quality Guarantee!

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We know that many times, warranties fall apart in the fine print. So instead, let us keep this simple. As is known, our print shop and our team of designers create 100% custom-made prints. Included in our list of services are custom diplomas and custom transcripts.

We realize it can be scary trying a new business, wondering if the best choice is made and if we know what we are doing. But, do not stress about any of it because Diploma Prints offers an unmatched risk-free quality guarantee.

Simply put, this is what our warranty means: From the moment the order arrives, we allow 90 days to check everything! This offers a ton of time to report any problems. As a solution, we will provide adjusted reprints at no additional charge to resolve any issues. We can even offer a refund or credit if that is not acceptable. It is as simple as that.

Keep in mind that this guarantee aims to create transparency and an open forum between yourself (the customer) and us. We offer free services, such as proofs and samples before shipping, to reduce surprises when your actual document arrives. This proofing service lets you the option to communicate with us about issues and gives us a chance to rectify any situations prior to delivery. At the same time, if you get the final document and have concerns, we are here for you.