100% Risk-Free Quality Guarantee!

We know that dealing with warranties can be confusing. Our print shop is here to make things easy for you. We’ll communicate with you clearly from when you place an order to when your custom diplomas or custom transcripts are delivered. We take pride in being careful and making sure the quality is great, so you can trust us to do a good job. It doesn’t matter how big or small your order is, we’ll help you all the way to make sure you’re happy with what you get.

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Why We Offer This

Diploma Prints offers a risk-free quality guarantee, so don't stress about trying a new business.

How it Works

Our warranty allows 90 days to report problems from the order arrival. We offer adjusted reprints for free or a refund or credit as a solution.

Consider This Too

Our guarantee promotes transparency and communication with free proofing services that reduce surprises. Share any concerns with us before and after your document arrives so we can resolve issues ASAP.

Are you ready to order?

Shop our list of custom document prints including diplomas and more today. All work is backed by this guarantee so don’t worry.

Problems with an order?

Having trouble with your order? We’re sorry. We guarantee our work and have options like returns and credits available. Please contact us using the information below.