We have the right to deny services if services are being used incorrectly or in violation of their intended use. Every document we provide is sold as replacements for lost or damaged diplomas, as substitutes for closed schools, as extra personal copies or as novelty/props for productions. We do not sell these as official documents and actual credentials or records do not change upon the purchase of services.

We are NOT a diploma mill.

There are websites that operate a life experience school. They allow people to take tests and then present them with a verifiable degree. That is not what we do. We are a printing service offering replacement alternatives for alumni, backup copies for personal use, restoration pieces, and novelties/fakes/gags for theatrical prop use.

Ordering services does not grant you a degree or give you a license. The documents, although of very high quality, hold absolutely no value other than entertainment value.

We do not send packages on the behalf of schools or businesses

We will not send packages out with a return address stating they are from a school or a particular business. All items are marked “from our print shop”. Some transcripts can be marked as “issued to student”. This is similar to show a school may send out a transcript, but they are not shipped stating they are from the institute or organization.

We do not forge

We don’t copy signatures, text under trademarks, or logos under copyright unless authorization is given. All our signatures are used as original signature concepts by our design staff. None of the documents will mention the names of school officials or governing bodies.

Restricted Countries

We are very strict about which countries our documents end up in. Because one may try to use the document other than how it’s intended to be used, we deny services to: Syria, Columbia, Sudan, South Yemen, Nigeria, Cuba, Iran, Russia, Belarus, Zimbabwe, North Korea, Libya, and Myanmar.

Letters of Acceptance

We don’t print any sort of letter or note stating that the document is official. It is not official.

No Copyrights Violated

We do not reproduce documents, including trademarked text or copyright logos. All content is adjusted to protect against infringement unless authorization is given.

Want to add your School?

Do you own and operate a school? Are you interested in having us not print any documents featuring your institute? Many former students may be frustrated since schools often take 6–12 weeks to issue copies, and they want a next-day document alternative to hang up on their wall. Either way, we can look into adding your school. Simply contact us today.