Delivery & Shipping Options

Q&A about Arrival Times, Packaging, and more.

How are custom documents sent to me?
  1. You can get a complete digital scan sent to your email. This is a full scan of the final document.
  2. You have a physical hard copy mailed to your home.
  3. You can have both made.
What is your cutoff for new orders?

Please note all requests for digital copies must be submitted by ‘noon Eastern of the current business day in order to be fulfilled by the close of that day. If you want a physical copy, you have til 2PM Eastern. Requests made after hours, on weekends and holidays, will be fulfilled when we return.

How are digital scans sent?

They are sent through our ticket system and downloadable as either PDF or JPEG images. The final documents can be printed out or saved to your PC.

How is my physical diploma delivered?

All documents are shipped in flat packages with reinforced corners to protect the document during transit. This same method is similar to how most schools may mail a document to students. Inside the package you will find a package slip. The slip will mention the service purchased by name but not mentioned order details. The outside of the package will also not be addressed as coming from this website. We respect your privacy and offer a discreet buying experience.

If I chose to have a document shipped, when will it arrive?

We offer a wide variety of shipping methods for physical document copies. Rates and delivery times depend on your area. The following is a guide.

USA Shipping Rates

  • Ground Shipping — $15 ~ takes 5-6 business days to arrive.
  • 2-Day – $25 — takes 2 business days.
  • Overnight — $45 ~ overnight. the following business day by 6pm eastern.

Canada Shipping Rates

  • Canada Rush – $45 — takes 4-5 business days.
  • Canada Slow – $30 — takes 1-2 business days.
Can I proof my order before getting the digital copy or package?

Yes, we allow you to request a proof in the ordering form. This is a free service that many other sites charge a lot of money for. This allows you to check over dates, names, seals used, etc. This is not a complete scan and used more for going over the work done by our design team and giving your final approval on their work.